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Essential Internet Services Essential Internet Services
Essential Internet Services

Domain Names

Your Unique Identity on the Internet

Your trading identity is vital to your business for promotional purposes - therefore establishing a corresponding trading identity on the Internet is essential. A Domain Name is a unique name allocated to an individual organisation or company to identify them on the Internet.

When you register your own Domain Name

Your Internet address remains the same whichever Internet Service Provider you use

Your Internet identity becomes more memorable

You have a trading name and style which is unique throughout the whole of the world

It does not matter who you use to connect to the Internet or where your website is stored, your Internet address will remain the same - even if you physically relocate your computer system.

Having a permanent address that is easy to remember and is directly related to your company identity means that you can raise the profile of your Internet address and website presence among your target audience.

Once registered, your Domain name is unique. You will have a unique world-wide identity and address for all your Internet communication and publicity.

Fish.Net provides all services related to registering and making effective use of your Domain Name, at very cost-effective prices.

Fish.Net will

Help you identify a suitable domain name that will enhance your existing business presence

Register it on your behalf

Host the Internet network information on our Domain Name Servers

Receive all email for on your behalf and then automatically forward it to your company

Provide a secondary mail server backup

Provide Web aliasing to enable your company to have a unique Web address using your domain name eg.

Provide storage space for your website to enable it to be seen 24 hours a day

Domain name terms and conditions

All domain name registrations are subject to the terms and conditions which can be found at:

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