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Working within the Community

All development on community websites and directories have been undertaken freely by Fish.Net as totally non-profit making enterprises and as part of our commitment towards the area we live and work in.

Saddleworth Business Association

The Saddleworth Business Association aims to raise awareness of the number and diversity of the businesses in the Saddleworth area. Fish.Net are members of the SBA and have supported the association over the years by creating and maintaining their website first went live in 1999 fulfilling its aim of creating a virtual Saddleworth, encompassing its villages, business life, community activities, recreation, landscape and history. Development has continued since and it is a comprehensive on-line resource for those in the area and a guide for those outside

Saddleworth Directory

In conjunction with the Saddleworth Business Association (SBA), has evolved further to include an on-line, searchable directory of local Saddleworth businesses, at This includes all businesses of all sizes and promotes the diversity of enterprises in the Saddleworth area.

Saddleworth Parish Council

Fish.Net have designed and created a website for the The Saddleworth Parish Council

The Manchester Chorale

Fuelled by our MD Chris Paterson's passion for tenor singing this is a popular website designed and created by Fish.Net for The Manchester Chorale

The Sacred Heart Church, Saddleworth

Fish.Net have designed, created and maintain the web site for the Sacred Heart Parish

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