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Fish.Net is a Saddleworth based company, providing a variety of Internet and Information Technology assistance. Our offices are situated in the picturesque village of Delph in Saddleworth, only 30 minutes from Manchester and Leeds, and 15 minutes away from major motorway routes, enabling us to work in lovely surroundings whilst easily being accessible to our clients.

Saddleworth has a strong business tradition - although a rural area it is part of the industrial countryside, rather than the agricultural. The original cottage industry of home-based handloom weavers developed into the huge cotton and woollen mill factories which at their peak employed the majority of the population.

Most of the mills are now closed, and the area has seen many changes. Despite improved communications however, Saddleworth is still self-contained and retains many small local services, businesses and retailers whose friendliness and personal service is regarded as one of the benefits of living here. The tourism industry has driven the growth of successful businesses in the area too.

But Saddleworth is also part of the latest industrial revolution. New, high technology businesses are also thriving here, located in homes or business centres, some created from old mill sites. Their market place is not only local, but national or international via e-commerce.

Fish.Net designed and now maintain the website. Click on the link below to discover more about the community, events, businesses, art, heritage and industry in Saddleworth.

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Delph village centre
Saddleworth Business Centre
Huddersfield Road
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